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Closing the Equity Gap: Resources for Employees and Students

Resources for instructors on strategies, activities, professional development opportunities to help them close the equity gap at PVCC.

Resources for Students @ PVCC

Services for Students: Share all, or part of this document, which describes resources on campus for PVCC students.

PVCC Employee Resources for Student Success

Syllabus Statements on Hunger/Homelessness

Housing crisis and food security are issues many students face. PVCC is committed to alleviating the stresses of these conditions by providing resources such as the food pantry, Puma 2 Puma. Take action and direct students to these resources to support student’s success by including a syllabus statement, or an announcement in your Canvas course. For example:

“Any student who faces challenges securing their food or housing and believes this may affect their performance in the course is urged to contact the Dean of Students for support. Furthermore, please notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable her to provide any resources that she may possess.” (Goldrick-Rab)


“If you are struggling financially this semester and need assistance take advantage of our Puma 2 Puma Program”

Reframing Language to Equity

Let Students Ask the Questions: Ideas for Creating Equitable Learning Environments

Creating Equitable and Curiosity-Filled Classrooms through Students’ Questions: by Andrew P. Minigan
Curiosity can have a profound impact on how students learn and how they perceive themselves as learners. The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a simple yet powerful strategy that deliberately teaches students how to ask and use their own questions and creates a space for inquiry-based learning. 

Books on Closing the Equity Gap

Employee Language Directory

Encourage the Use of the MyInfo App

Make it Happen at the Maricopa Community Colleges with the MyInfo app. Access your student information, find your schedule, books, room locations, grades, view financial aid information and account balances.

Use Open Educational Resources

The $$ students spend on textbooks could instead be spent on food, housing, or more classes. Help your students by using readily available OER materials. Or develop your own. See this guide for information on finding and using OER. 

Guided Note-taking

If your course material requires you to spend time lecturing, you may find it useful to provide guided notes for your students to use during the lecture. This saves them from missing key points if they are not able to write quickly enough, and suggests the parts of the lecture which are more critical to remember for tests or assignments.  Below are links to suggested templates or readings about guided note-taking.

Funding for Students in Financial Need