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Social Justice Art - In the Balkans: Artists

Artists and artwork from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia

Artist Links

Warning, some material contains nudity, references to violence and harsh language.

Miron Milic    Croatian graphic artist and muralist.

Sinisa Labrovic     Croatian performance artist

Lana Bokan    Croatian sculptor

Borjan Hadzihalilovic   Bosnian graphic designer

Mladen Mijlanovic   Bosnian conceptual artist

Dzenan Hadzihasanovic   Bosnian painter

Smirna Kulenovic   Bosnian performance artist, video artist, arts activist

Svetislav Cvetkovic  Bosnian painter and professor of Art in Mostar, Bosnia

Nina Babic     Bosnian painter and arts activist  CV

Damir Niksic   Bosnian painter, graphic designer, video artist, stand up comedian, politician

Adela Jusic   Bosnian multi media artist, art activist

Adis Elias Fejzic  Bosnian/Australian sculptor

Bojan Stojcic   Bosnian graphic designer and artist

Daniel Premec  Bosnian sculptor and professor of Art

Nedim Djikic     Bosnian sculptor

Aleksander Denic     Serbian painter

Maria Kuzmanovic     Serbian painter

Adis Lukach    Bosnian artist

Mak Hubjer    Bosnian artist and director of Gallery Brodac in Sarajevo

Luka Mihajlovic   Serbian social activist and director of Kvaka 22(Catch 22) cultural center in Belgrade, Serbia

Petar Aleksic    Serbian artist

Pierre Courtin    French artist and former owner of Galllery Duplex in Sarajevo.

Edo Makedo Vejselovic   Bosnian multi media artist in Ljubjana, Slovenia

Borjan Camo    Bosnian art photographer

Zarko Glavatovic   Montenegrin mosiac artist

Milan Nenezic    Serbian painter

Alia Kiber

Artist Interviews By David L. Bradley

Miron Milic

Sinisa Labrovic

Lana Bokan

Borjan Hadzihalilovic

Mladen Mijlanovic

Dzenan Hadzihasanovic

Smirna Kulenovic

Svetislav Cvetkovic

Nina Babic

Damir Niksic

Adela Jusic

Adis Elias Fejzic

Bojan Stojcic

Daniel Premec

Nedim Kjikic

Aleksander Denic

Maria Kuzmanovic

Adis Lukach

Mak Hubjer

Luka Mihajlovic

Petar Aleksic

Pierre Courtin

Edo Makedo Vejselovic

Borjan Camo

Zarko Glavatovic

Milan Nenezic

Branislav Dimetrievic

Uros Duric

Joanna Merkade

Aleksandar Todarovic

Marina Djabic

Alia Kiber