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Citation assistance for other formats.

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MLA Basics - from the MLA Handbook

Examples here are based on the MLA Handbook, 8th edition. Please refer to the MLA Style Center Citations by Format for additional examples.

For more help on formatting your paper, refer to this section of the MLA Style Center.

If you wish to make copies of the 8th edition handout to distribute, it's also available here to print.

MLA 8th Edition: Works Cited

Book with One Author


Landes, David S. The Wealth and Poverty of Nations. W.W. Norton, 1998.


Author. Title of the Book. Publisher, Date.

Scholarly Article from a Library Database

MLA now recommends using a digital object identifier (DOI) to cite online journal articles. This commonly appears on the front page of journal articles near the abstract.


Barra, Monica P. "Southern Waters: The Limits to Abundance." Journal of Cultural Geography, vol. 32, no. 3, 2015, pp. 387-389. Academic OneFile,



Author. “Title of Article.” Title of Scholarly Journal, vol. #, issue #, year of publication,  pages. Name of Database, doi #.

Web Page No Author

“What is Domestic Violence?” NCADV National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,


“What I Need to Know About Gestational Diabetes.” National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institute of Health, Sept. 2014,


“Title of Web Page.” Sponsoring Organization, Publisher (If Different from Sponsoring Organization), date of publication, URL.

Online Video

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies.” YouTube, uploaded by Last Week
Tonight, 8 May 2016,



“Title of Video.” YouTube (or Vimeo or other video services), uploaded by ___, date of upload,

MLA 8th Edition: In-Text Citation

You create an in-text or parenthetical citation in one of two ways: Use a signal phrase with either the author (or title if no author) which corresponds to that specific entry in your works cited list, and include the page number in parentheses after the quotation; or place the author (or title, if no author) and page number (if there is one) in parentheses immediately after the quotation.

Example A: Author name included in the signal phrase

Noam Chomsky explains that governments often use propaganda and media control because “you don’t allow the bewildered herd to become participants in action. They’ll just cause trouble” (18).

Example B: Author or Title in Parentheses

The rationale behind governments’ use of propaganda and media control is “you don’t allow the bewildered herd to become participants in action. They’ll just cause trouble” (Chomsky 18).

Example C: Web Page Title - No Author or Page Number

SPARC advocates for open access because, “The more people that can access and build upon the latest research, the more valuable that research becomes and the more likely we are to benefit as a society. More eyes make for smaller problems” (“Open Access”).

Example D: Online Video: Abbreviated Title

John Oliver challenges Edward Snowden’s comment that he is not at fault for any security breaches caused by his release of secret NSA documents, “You are giving documents with information you know could be harmful, which could get out there” (“Last Week Tonight” 00:21:07-21:15).