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Information Science Courses for Credit: Home

Current Course Offerings by the Buxton Library Faculty

IFS 201: Information in a Post-truth World: Online/8-Week Class


The earliest humans were information creators and consumers. IFS 201 analyzes how humans have used information from the time of the cavemen
to the present. Rich in history, this class examines how information affects relationships, economics, and conflict. This class will also delve into
controversies and issues like censorship, hacking, privacy, and intellectual freedom.

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  • No textbook required
  • Meets “L” designation
  • No long research paper
  • Transfers to all three state universities

2021 Class Offerings

October 18th - December 17th: Instructors: Paula Crossman & Gretchen Lebron

Hybrid Virtual: Most work is done online with just three "live" classes offered on WebEx: 

Mondays Nov 1, Nov. 15, and Dec. 6th: 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm


IFS210: Research in a Global Society: Online/8-week class

This course will focus on access to the Internet and information seeking behavior in a global community. In turn, it is the goal of this course to assist you in translating that focus into global awareness in the form of solutions to pressing problems found in the values, aspects, and social processes of all cultures culminating in the illumination of our interrelationships on a global scale.  In addition, you will gain 21st Century critical literacy skills to succeed academically and professionally through a Rip-Mix-Burn instructional approach:

  • Rip It: Learn new skills for accessing information from a variety of sources thereby empowering your digital research prowess while considering the legal, cultural, political, social, and economic milieu that shapes this ability;
  • Mix It: Evaluate, integrate and synthesize learning through weekly assignments;
  • Burn It: Use and apply what you've learned in a real world context—for example assignments in other courses or careers of interest—to produce new forms of knowledge that are instantiated in multimedia formats.

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  • ‚ÄčNo textbook required
  • Meets “G” &  "SB" designation
  • No long research paper
  • Transfers to all three state universities

2022 Class Offerings

Spring 2022: Instructors: Kandice Mickelsen and Lori Espinoza