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Research eSkills for the Digital Scholar

Research eSkills for the Digital Scholar

About the Research eSkills: A Lab for Digital Scholars:

Critical Thinking combined with Information/Research Skills enables you to find, evaluate and use information in an academic and ethical way. These skills, when mastered, assist you in conducting research, finding great sources, and organizing your information in a way that makes sense to your reader/audience while giving credit to the cycle of scholarly information.  The objectives of this research are:

  • The ability to determine the nature and extent of an information need
  • The ability to access needed information effectively and efficiently
  • The ability to evaluate information and its sources using critical thinking skills.

Mastery in all three areas constitutes a digital scholar.  Use the hyperlinks below or the tabs above to access videos and activities created to help you master these objectives or refresh your abilities in a specific area and to assist you in researching effectively both in class and in your everyday life.  NOTE:  Best browsers to use:  Internet Explorer or Firefox.

ResearchToolkit for eSkills: Scaffolding Tools

The Research Toolbox contains exercises and handouts designed to ease your research tasks--use one or all. 

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