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Obtain research help by asking a librarian to help you 24/7 any time.

Ask a Librarian Services - Use when library is closed!

Ask a Librarian Services

Why use Ask a Librarian Services?

Get research help when you need it!
Get 24/7 Live help with: 

  • Starting your research
  • Searching smarter and faster
  • Finding scholarly articles, books, and media
  • Citing sources
  • And more!

Get research help:

In Person: 

Go to the Paradise Valley Community College Library (The Buxton Library) to the Ask a Librarian information/reference desk. Librarians are available to assist you during normal library hours.

By Telephone:

Call 602-787-7215 during library hours. There may be some delay if we are assisting others at the desk.

Ask a Librarian 24/7 - Ask Your Question 24/7!

Get Research Help!

By Appointment: 

Did you know that you can consult with any librarian on your research papers? If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a librarian for an in-depth research consultation, please call the Ask a Librarian information/reference desk at 602-787-2215​ or call and/or email your fav librarian.


John Chavez 

Paula Crossman

Li Kang


By E-Mail:

If you have a brief question or need some help beginning your research, submit your request to us by e-mail. Just email one of the librarians above and ask your research related question. A librarian will respond within 24-48 (24 to 72 hours during the summer session) hours, excluding weekends and holidays.  

Please note that E-mail and other reference services are not available during semester break and holiday periods.