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Create a Project in NoodleTools - 2021

When you are ready to begin research, create a NoodleTools project. Add collaborators if you’re working with a group. Share your project with your teacher’s assignment inbox to allow them to view and give feedback on your source citations, notecards, outline, and file attachments.

Cite Your Sources in NoodleTools - 2021

Generate accurate MLA, APA, or Chicago-style citations and format your in-text citations or footnotes. Use an ISBN number or DOI to import citation information for books, articles, and reports, or take advantage of our “Export to NoodleTools” database integrations to produce citations from their article metadata.

Create a Notecard in NoodleTools - 2021

Make connections, develop original ideas, and articulate arguments. Use our intuitive, visual “tabletop” to manipulate, tag, and pile notecards, then connect them to topics in your outline to prepare for writing.

NoodleTools Overview - 20:56

How to Create a New Project - 1:05 - no audio

How to Share Your Project with a Teacher's Inbox - 0:35 - no audio

How to Add an Image to a Notecard - 1:06 - no audio

How to Respond to Comments in Projects? - 2:18 - no audio

How to Create an Annotated Bibliography with NoodleTools