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Career Exploration

Investigate careers and find those that are a good match to you.



Access and evaluate career resources from the Library and Internet in order to understand the breadth and scope of information available about your top 10-20 career choices identified in STEP #1.


Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 - The Fundamental Growth Mindset - WATCH!

We’ve reached a tipping point in the future of jobs 2020. The digital skills gap is asking for the development of a growth mindset!

5 Charts Showing the Jobs of a Post-Pandemic Future – and the Skills You Need to Get Them 

By 2025, 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms.

Kiplinger's Job Trend Predictions - 10 Best Jobs for the Future

If you're looking for a new job or career, these trends can point to specific areas for likely job growth. 
If you're employed, knowing these trends will be valuable in your strategic planning. See Kiplinger's Careers for the Next 10 Years

10 Workplace Trends You'll See in 2021

Every year Forbes writers give a forecast for the top 10 workplace trends for the upcoming year. The purpose is to help prepare organizations for the future by collecting, assessing, and reporting the trends that will most impact them. Here are some of the predictions for 20132014201520162017, and current years. These trends are based on hundreds of conversations with executives and workers, a series of national and global online surveys, and secondary research from more than 450 different research sources, including colleges, consulting firms, non-profits, the government, and trade associations.

Top Jobs and Career Trends _WorldWide Learns

Using data compiled from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and from major newspapers and magazines, We've got the information you need on the major careers and trends in the job market today. It should help you choose your career education-wise.

These are the top 10 best and worst jobs for the future 

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kiplinger and economic forecasting group EMSI analyzed 785 popular US jobs. Out of that list, Kiplinger measured which will have the strongest and weakest growth rates over the next 10 years (between 2016 and 2026), what those jobs will pay and how much education they will require.

How Much is a Career Worth?

The evidence is clear: the more you learn, the more you earn. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)’s Earnings Data by Educational Attainment (last updated for the second quarter of 2018) reports the median salaries for workers age 25 and older increased markedly with the education level that they have attained. 



Featured Career Websites

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Describes work, working conditions, education, earnings, and prospects
  • O'NET On-Line: Tool for career exploration and job analysis!
  • My Next Move:  An interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options
  • mySkills myFuture<:  Helps laid-off workers and other career changers find new occupations, which may require similar skills & knowledge.
Career and Employment Websites




AZCIS (Arizona Career Information System) 
(Contact Library 602-787-7215 or Counseling for user name & password): AzCIS is designed to provide educational, career, occupational & financial aid information to help students in making better-informed career and school choices. Good for searching: wage variation in major metro areas of Arizona; college programs of study; scholarships, etc.

Choices Explorer
Gives up-to-date information on careers, including job profiles and labor market articles. Easy to read.  Offers multimedia (videos on a career in both English & Spanish) and interviews. Able to search for information on career clusters & pathways, etc.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
This database provides an in-depth look at salary ranges, education/training, industry & job outlook, job postings, etc. It covers detailed up-to-date profiles of more than 3,400 top jobs in 94 industries. Videos on jobs and skills are provided under Job Profiles. Find Jobs offers information on major employers in the field (limit by state or zip code).

GALE OneFile: Leadership and Management 
Provides access to authoritative periodical content covering topics such as 21st-century skills, organizational dynamics and leadership, adult learning and continuing education, and more.




Business Source Premier
World's largest business database.
Suggested Subject Headings:
career change/career choice/employment interviewing /
job hunting / occupations / resumes (employment) /
vocational guidance / women-employment / work and family /
working mothers. Look also under career titles such as:
psychologist, teacher, nurse.

First Research 
Provides timely and recent industry profile information
available so you can keep up with the market changes. Each report consists of key statistics and analysis on the market and competitive landscape characteristics, operating conditions, business challenges, industry trends, current and historical industry growth, and more. These features, plus our sales call preparation questions and industry forecasts, help you make more informed business decisions in less time. Many reports also include a global industry analysis.


A-Z Databases: Business / Economics

Look at all of the business/economic databases PVCC offers


Career College Central - Published six times per year, Career College Central magazine delves into the most timely, vital issues affecting the sector and its students. Whether you’re interested in advertising, subscribing, or searching for a digital copy of an article to forward to a colleague, you can find the information you’re looking for on

Careers and Colleges - Designed to help high school juniors and seniors set and meet their academic, career & financial goals.

Phoenix Business Journal & Book of Lists  - Find the latest breaking Phoenix business news, updated throughout the day, some of this week's top stories from Phoenix Business Journal, and other popular features from the print edition. The latest copy of Phoenix business news & the famous Book of Lists is located in the PVCC's Library's Career & College Resources section on the middle shelf, HF5068.P56 B56 (latest year).

The Vault - Explore Professions - Discover the best profession for your skills and interests with in-depth professional overviews. Gain insight into the main duties of each profession, the work environment, training requirements, advancement prospects, and more.


Books/e-Books on Careers


 "Career Guide"  OR "Careers in" OR  "Great Jobs" OR "jobs in"
These career and college books are available at the Career & College Resources collections from all of the MCCCD libraries.
EBSCO eBooks Locate information on any career or career topic. Type career you are looking for.


Evaluating Career Options

Watch Video  -  This video illustrates how to evaluate career options based on the Three C’s: content, conditions, and compensation. It expands on the Personal Career Profile and explains how to use information gathered from occupational research. (28 minutes)